Plant Based Recipes: Mixing Up Your Meals with Anti-inflammatory Foods to Improve Recovery


Maximizing your running nutrition with anti-inflammatory foods - that means plant based recipes like these ideas for breakfast,dinner and dessert!


  1. Posted by lsutton7670, — Reply

    We really liked this. Added some adobo seasoning and other things that I thought might be tasty in there. It had really nice flavor!

  2. Posted by emacnintch, — Reply

    The flavours are really good, I initially found it a bit mushy but added 1 cup of bulk barn textured veggie protein and upped the seasonings and it was really good.

  3. Posted by goveg09, — Reply

    I love to use this recipe to make homemade taquitos! Love this recipe #PlantBasedProtein

  4. Posted by freddy12kw, — Reply

    I made this, tasted pretty darn good. I did not puree the carrots, I put them in food processor and blended with lentils, taco seasoning, some onions and garlic, oregano and vegetarian baked beans by can camps. Tasted great. Even looks like shredded meat! Going to make again.

  5. Posted by crabtree2114, — Reply

    Was great! My sister wasn't a fan but I thought it was awesome

  6. Posted by rukiyyah, — Reply

    Delicious cold or hot! I put it on salad with avocado and a creamy vegan garlic dressing and it was to die for!

  7. Posted by lprestholdt, — Reply

    Good, easy, made my own carrot purée and used red lentils, added a lot of chili pepper and paprika and doubled the recipe. Tasted like spicy decried beans

  8. Posted by sfrank73, — Reply

    Seasoning mix is great. Recipe makes a lot, would make again.

  9. Posted by slayitagainshan, — Reply

    Very good! I have used this in casseroles as a meat substitute and it works very well.

  10. Posted by sgrinton2147, — Reply

    Was good. Used in traditional shepherds pie recipe. Kids didn't know!

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